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Personal loans are available in different instruments: loans for education or purchasing a car, house, or self-employed people to buy assets. Some loans for this purpose are also available for low-income groups. EFT cards EFT is the electronic fund transfer of money on the cell phone or any network connected device. 

( Personal Loans ) Payment using EFT is convenient for the customers since they can download the app on their cell phones or smartphones and pay bills, send money or shop on the spot. These devices are also used to transfer funds from the account to the bank account. With the help of e-wallets, customers can also buy tickets for different kinds of events. 

Electronic money With the use of this mode of transaction, customers can buy products online from the bank’s website or any online stores accepting payments through EFT. They can also transfer money from their accounts to other people or companies by a one-time password or a passcode. 

( Personal Loans ) Online remittance: Online remittance refers to money transfers from one person to another or from an individual to the beneficiaries.

Loan Features 

Avail Interesting Loans

You can avail of loans ranging from PKR 30,000 to PKR 4 mn depending on your eligibility, income and repayment capacity.

Flexible Financing

Standard Chartered offers flexible financing that suits your budget.

Competitive Interest Rates

Our unsecured loans are affordable, thanks to our competitive interest rates.

Easy To Apply – Personal loans

Our personal loan requires no security, no deposit and no guarantees.

Online And Mobile Banking Access

Get full access to your account, transfer funds, make bill payments, mobile money transfers and airtime purchases via Online and Mobile Banking.


Application Eligibility

✅You have to be at least 21 years of age if you are salaried or 25 years of age if you are self-employed

✅Must have a valid and active email ID

✅Have a valid Pakistan mobile number

Documents Required

✅Income Proof



Most frequent questions and answers

You can avail of loans ranging from PKR 30,000 to PKR 4 mn depending on your eligibility, income and repayment capacity.

The loan can be repaid over a period of 12 to 60 months.

Your loan will be disbursed within 10 working days post receipt of all required documents.

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